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Benjamin Griveaux withdraws: Jean-Marie Bigard gets involved and shows his sex


In a video broadcast on CNews this Friday, February 14, Benjamin Griveaux announced that he was withdrawing from the race for municipal elections in Paris after the broadcast of an intimate sexual video showing a man presented as the politician in the process of masturbate.

“This torrent of mud affected me, but it mostly hurt those I love. As if that were not enough, yesterday, a new stage was crossed. A website and social networks have relayed vile attacks attacking my private life. My family does not deserve this, nobody really should be subjected to such violence. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t want to expose myself and my family any more are now allowed. It goes too far. That is why I decided to withdraw my candidacy for the Parisian municipal election, “he said.

Jean-Marie Bigard’s “sextape”

While Joachim Son-Forget was the guest of Jean-Marc Morandini in “Morandini Live” to explain his controversial retweet, Jean-Marie Bigard got involved in the Benjamin Griveaux affair. Indeed, the humorist took out of his closets a video that he had unveiled in the introduction to one of his shows and on which he is unveiled in the simplest device.

“I see that the municipal campaign has raised the level again. Now, does that balance the sextape ?! Well, I prefer to take the lead: here is my b ***. Rest assured, I have cut my hair since”, he posted in caption. A message that did not fail to make his community react. “You are a legend born Jean-Marie Bigard,” posted a surfer. “I saw it on a giant screen because I was at the Stade de France when you did it,” continued another.

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