Berlin Recycling Volleys want to go to Poland

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WIf German volleyball professionals want to improve their sport, there are two obvious options: either they switch to Italy or to Poland. More money can be earned in both countries, teams from both leagues operate at a higher level, which can be seen not least from the results at European level.

Achim Dreis

Most recently, Tobias Krick left the United Volleys in Frankfurt, which had been founded by his wealthy father for a well-endowed adventure with Top Volley Cisterna in Italy’s Superlega, where he will meet his national team colleagues Simon Hirsch and Dennis Kaliberda, among others. Last year David Sossenheimer followed in the footsteps of Christian Fromm and Lukas Kampa to the east and emigrated to the MKS Bedzin in Poland’s PlusLiga.

In Germany, however, the fact that a complete club wants to go beyond the narrow limits of league sports has only existed as an import. The German-Austrian Alpenvolleys Haching have been active in the Bundesliga as a joint venture from Innsbruck and Unterhaching in the past three years, but have withdrawn for the coming season due to unachievable financial visions despite sporting success.

Now, however, the ten-time German volleyball champion Berlin Recycling Volleys is apparently flirting with his often-acclaimed move to Poland’s elite league in the medium term. “Now the plans are as concrete as never before,” manager Kaweh Niroomand told Berlin’s “Tagesspiegel” at least. According to Niroomand, the games of thought are becoming more specific, since he believes that the already semi-strong Bundesliga will lose even more quality in the coming years due to the Corona crisis and that it will hardly be possible to attract high-quality foreign players to Germany. Even in the canceled 2019/20 season, the Berliners had not suffered a loss in any game in this country. Even longtime rival VfB Friedrichshafen recently lost considerable ground.



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