Bermejo on requests for transparency from the presidential office: “It is not honest, to go looking for ‘five feet to the cat'”

This Sunday, the first Minister Guido Bellido met with the bench of Free Peru in the offices of the Presidency of the Councils of Ministers and obtained the acceptance of the ruling party, said the congressman Guillermo Bermejo.

“(We had) a very friendly meeting between the bench and the premier. The bench offers its support to the position of the president in the election of ministers, “he said. Bermejo.

Before the consultation on the controversial choice of Guido Bellido in command of the ministerial cabinet, Bermejo He pointed out that it is “ideological whim” of the representatives of the right.

“The other benches have already shown their attitude on the day of the election of the elective table, crossing out our participation list, the whole right has voted as a whole. The position of Mr. López Aliaga’s party has been “anecdotal” because not even his own caucus voted for his list. You have already clearly heard that the logic of the president’s vacancy walks, that they want to say no to the cabinet. Everyone has put themselves in their sector ”, he pointed out.

“The right wing of this country is very ideologically fanciful. Everywhere you see terrucos, everywhere you see problems, everywhere you see contradictions “, he continued Bermejo.

“This is a broad government, a government for the country, taking into consideration the urgent needs of the country.”

Ask for patience for President Castillo

Guillermo Bermejo He also requested “patience” with the demands of the press for the change imposed by the president Pedro Castillo to govern from outside the Government Palace, since this it will allow “not to have a control of the income and meetings”.

“I think you know more than the president himself who enters and leaves that house. You are there all day. It is not fair, nor is it legal, nor is it honest, to go looking for ‘five feet to the cat’. It has already been proposed that this construction becomes part of a museum, ‘it is falling apart’. Let the president breathe, let him work. He has not been in power for five days and they are already questioning him if he had breakfast or not, “said the congressman.

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