Bernie Sanders stops campaign

Before even throwing in the towel, Wednesday April 8, Bernie Sanders was no longer the favorite to face Donald Trump next November. “There was a lot of pressure on Bernie Sanders to give up, reports our correspondent in the United States, Agnes Vahramian, direct from Washington. He said it himself a few moments ago that he could not continue a losing battle, mobilize so many forces while America is going through such an ordeal. Indeed, Bernie Sanders had not had a chance for a few weeks against his rival Joe Biden, the former vice-president of Barack Obama. “

However, Bernie Sanders intends to weigh on the Democrats’ program, in particular with his proposal for universal health coverage, which has a very particular echo with the coronavirus pandemic. “In any case, it will be Joe Biden, 78, the most centrist of all Democratic candidates, who will face Donald Trump next November in the American presidential election”, concludes Agnes Vahramian.

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