Berrechid: a peace commander suspended for improper reception of the anti-covid19 vaccine


The Director General of National Security has ordered the temporary suspension of work against a peace commander who occupies the post of head of the urban body of the provincial security district of the city of Berrechid, after the latter has benefited from the anti-covid-19 vaccine despite the fact that it does not meet the age requirement established by the competent authorities.

A press release from the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN) indicates that a careful investigation has been opened to determine the ins and outs of the receipt by this security official of the first dose of the vaccine despite the fact that he does not fulfill the condition relating to age, specifying that the person concerned has not reached the age of 45 required by the public authorities. The investigation also aims to identify any shortcomings that would have facilitated this professional overshoot, the press release concludes.

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