Best Friend, Lover, Mentor & Confidant Wanted! New “love stories and marriage matters” on August 8th on ORF 2

With singles from Vienna, Lower Austria, Carinthia, Tyrol and Burgenland

Vienna (OTS) From the humorous Viennese original to the eternal optimist: Nina Horowitz portrays a total of six new, interesting people on the search for great happiness in love in the latest, already fifth episode of the current “Love Stories and Marriage Matters” season on Monday, August 8th 2022 at 8.15 p.m. on ORF 2. The three women and three men who are ready for a new partnership come from Vienna, Lower Austria, Carinthia, Tyrol and Burgenland this time. Amongst others, the retired taxi driver Wolf, who, since an earlier encounter with the deceased actress and opera ball organizer Lotte Tobisch, has been attracted to cultivated women (“But don’t worry, the new woman doesn’t have to be a grande dame.”), or consultant Ursula, whose dream man has many facets and should preferably be their best friend, lover, mentor and confidante.

All six candidates at a glance:

Christa, 56-year-old master hairdresser from Lower Austria, thinks she knows that a tight butt is what makes a man really sexy. The candidate also has very precise ideas about the hair of the future. “I just don’t like bald heads. And when a man wants to dye his hair, everything in me resists. What should I do! I just don’t think that’s manly.” But of course, for the single lady with the new prince charming, it’s not just the outward appearance that counts: “I’m looking for a man who likes me. And who takes me for who I really am. One that is open. And you don’t have to pull everything out of your nose.” He could also like to be a motorcyclist. Then Christa would like to be a pillion passenger on a wide variety of jaunts. The Lower Austrian had two important relationships in her life, both of which broke up. “Also because we didn’t take enough time for each other.” The separations were both very painful. But the hairdresser still wants to take the risk of love again. Because “I just don’t want to be alone. I am and will remain an optimist.”

Wolf, 67, a retired taxi driver from Vienna, explains right at the beginning of the conversation with Nina Horowitz why he is taking part in the “love stories”: “It’s no use, no harm,” the pointed candidate puts on record. “Maybe there is some woman who isn’t tattooed from head to toe and who you can talk to.” Even if the lady brings tolerance for Wolf’s many little things in his apartment that have accumulated over the years, it’s certainly not a disadvantage . Because the pensioner is a collector, as he is in the book. You notice that as soon as you enter your home, which is full of decorative objects, flea market rarities and antique finds. There have been three important relationships in the life of the Viennese that are worth mentioning: “I was never a great Frank Sinatra or Brad Pitt,” he says with a laugh in the interview. As a taxi driver, of course, many very different people have joined him over the years, including celebrities. It’s an advantage if you – like Wolf himself – don’t fall flat on your mouth. One lady who really impressed him as a passenger was Lotte Tobisch. “She sat down next to me and immediately made wonderful conversation.” But don’t worry, the new woman doesn’t have to be a grande dame. You should still be interested in culture and recognize what a humorous Viennese original Wolf is!

The 58-year-old consultant Ursula, who has precise plans for the future, also comes from Vienna. “I invite love to come to me!” If you want to win over the single woman who is true to her age, you should not only be about the same age, but also swim with her: “I want a multi-faceted man meet who is my best friend, my lover, my mentor and my confidant. Who is strong for me, but can also be weak.” In order to get a place in Ursula’s heart, however, a gentleman must first adore her. “I myself do not conquer a man! I am a woman through and through. I’m old-fashioned and I like being that!” Incidentally, the new partner in Ursula’s life will have to be prepared for a lot of questions, because the Viennese woman has realized that in the past she didn’t ask enough about the vis-à-vis at her rendezvous: “I always thought men didn’t like that and I just talked a lot about myself and listened to them. But that is wrong. You have to question in order to get to know a person properly.” So if you are sporty, want to spend “the autumn of life” with Ursula and ask yourself her loving questions, you are welcome to write to the candidate!

Jürgen, 49, Sales Manager from Carinthia, is already looking forward to his new darling. The cheerful man from Klagenfurt hasn’t lost his faith that his dream woman really exists. “She should have her heart in the right place, be down-to-earth and know what things really count in life.” Values ​​such as solidarity, love and honesty are very important to him. The candidate has had four significant partnerships so far, the last two relationships ended because his partners were not faithful to him. “It really wasn’t a nice experience and I don’t want to experience that again.” After the end of his last relationship, Jürgen wanted to enjoy single life. But now it’s available again! “I wish for a woman who doesn’t have addictions like nicotine or alcohol,” he tells Nina Horowitz in an interview. His own vice is pastries, which he can hardly hold back from. The new woman at his side should be about the same age, preferably a little younger. “I feel like I’m 49, in the body of a 30-year-old,” laughs Jürgen. What makes Carinthian particularly sexy, the man from Klagenfurt quickly has an answer ready: “That’s our dialect. And we look really good in our lederhosen.” The single man has four of them at home. Who knows, maybe there will be a lady on the show who would like to see him personally in one of his lederhosen at the first rendezvous.

Ernestine, 54-year-old secretary from Burgenland, wants to put an end to loneliness and now invites everyone to write to her! Really all? Yes! Women for spending their free time together and men for a romantic love relationship. “The longer you’re alone, the more difficult it is to make friends,” says the candidate. Ernestine knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want. She still wants to find her true love! “He should be cordial and helpful, taller than me and not too sporty.” Although the woman from Burgenland finds a sporty body and beautiful hair quite sexy. However, one thing is important to her:
“He’s not supposed to be a muscle man, I don’t like that!” So if there’s a man out there somewhere without a passion for bodybuilding, but with charm and manners, then he should make a beeline for her in northern Burgenland. “I go on a lot of trips, I particularly like looking at castles and I like reading.” In Ernestine’s apartment you can find quite a few gossip magazines. “I’ve always been interested in the royals. All these exciting stories that take place between the individual family members. And the many romantic weddings. As a reader of the magazines, I’m happy to live with you.” Whether the life of the single woman takes a romantic turn again now only depends on which prince can inspire her with his letter!

Reinhold, 83, a retired bank employee from Tyrol, knows what he wants: “I want to find a loveable partner again. She’s supposed to be charming. Attractive. And she should have a heart. She doesn’t have to be an academic, but have a certain level of education.” The candidate would like to make one thing clear right away: “I know there are women who want tall men. You read that again and again in advertisements. I cannot serve these women. I am 1.65 meters tall. Either that’s enough, or you’ll have to look for a bigger one.” Reinhold has been hiking many mountains around the world with great enthusiasm all his life. The fun-loving East Tyrolean often found himself in tricky situations on his tours, but he is aware: “All of life is dangerous. A brick can suddenly fall on my head. As the Indian says correctly:
Life is life-threatening.” Reinhold, who has a wide range of interests, has been married twice so far. From his first marriage, which lasted twenty-six years, he has two daughters and a son. The couple grew apart over time. His second marriage lasted thirty-five years and was a very happy union until his beloved wife passed away last year. Now the single man feels ready to make way for a new lady in his life. Reinhold describes himself as solid, not unforgiving and as very orderly. “I was born under the sign of Virgo, so you already know that’s the case,” he says with a smile. But the new woman needn’t be afraid, as he emphasizes: “I’m not a tyrant! If the lady is a bit of a slob, we can meet in the middle! I’ll be generous and she’ll be less sloppy. We’ll talk about it all then!”

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