Betadine is not a way to prevent or cure the disease

The antiseptic solution, which also exists in oral version, is presented as a remedy against Covid by American antivaxes. The brand warns about the dangerousness of this practice.

According to the American magazine Forbes , American antivaxers recommend swallowing Betadine – the famous antiseptic used in hospitals – to limit or even infection with Covid-19. However, as Avrio Health, the brand that markets it, reminds us, it is very dangerous.

This is because povidone iodine, known as Betadine, exists in a diluted and oral version, remind our colleagues of BFMTV, but it is not intended to be drunk and should be used for mild sore throats. On the other hand, if you ingest classic Betadine, you risk having fever, headaches, or even severe vomiting.

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The brand alerts and rejects any efficiency

On its website, the brand that markets the product in the United States, Avrio Health, had to recall that “Betadine has not been approvedIn this sense and that anyone who has drunk Betadine should immediately see a doctor or go to the nearest poison control center.

As a reminder, the WHO website and American CDCs do not recommend mouthwash solutions as part of the fight against Covid-19.


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