Bethesda after takeover by Microsoft: Elder Scrolls & Co not necessarily Xbox-exclusive

After the takeover of Bethesda by Microsoft, all gamers are asking themselves: Will The Elder Scrolls, Starfield & Co. only be available for Xbox in the future? In this regard, there is now at least some of the all-clear!

So far there have been fewer official statements when it comes to whether the upcoming potential hits Starfield or The Elder Scrolls VI from Bethesda will be released exclusively for Xbox Series X and PC. After all, after buying the developer and publisher, Microsoft is unlikely to have any interest in seeing the biggest blockbusters from the competition, especially the PS5. With Tim Stuart, however, an Xbox employee has given PlayStation fans the all-clear for the first time.

The Chief Financial Officer at Xbox last spoke at the Jefferies Interactive Conference and commented on the $ 7.5 billion deal, among other things. Despite the large price tag, Microsoft is not planning to generally prevent Bethesda games on PlayStation or Nintendo platforms in the future. But you want to keep a certain exclusivity.

“In the long run we have no intention of pulling all Bethesda content from Sony or Nintendo. What we want, however, is that this content is either first or at least better on our platforms in the future. We want the Bethesda content to be on ours The best way to present platforms, “said the Xbox CFO.

A major priority is still to make the Game Pass even more attractive through Bethesda content. This should further increase the number of subscribers.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard had previously also emphasized that it was “difficult to imagine” that The Elder Scrolls VI, for example, would become an Xbox exclusive. Ultimately, however, the final decision rests with Microsoft.

The Elder Scrolls VI – E3 2018 Announcement Trailer

Bethesda is now officially continuing the well-known RPG series with The Elder Scrolls VI!

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