Better Call Saul and Co .: These series will end in 2021

Better Call Saul and Co.
These series will end in 2021

Not only makes Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) wistful: In 2021 “Better Call Saul” will end after six seasons.

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They entertained for years, sometimes for over a decade. But at some point every series has to end – this will be the case in 2021.

Whether planned or because the audience ratings are too bad: a large number of series and characters we have come to love will leave us in 2021. Due to the still raging corona pandemic, many dates are not set in stone. The final season of the following series should be broadcast this year.

“Better Call Saul”

Who would have thought that the six-season offshoot of “Breaking Bad” would even make a more acclaimed story than Walter White (Bryan Cranston)? What began in 2015 and dedicated to the secret darling of “Breaking Bad”, smear attorney Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), will end in 2021. Double consolation for the fans: The final season will have 13 instead of the usual ten episodes and close the gap to “Breaking Bad”. With performances by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman?


For ten seasons, the dysfunctional Gallagher family from “Shameless” has now been gloriously shameless. Actually, the final eleventh season should have been broadcast in 2020, but Corona thwarted this plan. Francis “Frank” Gallagher’s (William H. Macy) final escapades should be seen in December. “Shameless” is the longest series that will end in 2021.

“House of Money”

Will the professor and his crew succeed in the final coup in 2021? It is not yet certain whether the fifth and final season of the Spanish Netflix hit “House of Money” will make it to the streaming service this year. Production started on August 3, 2020, which makes a release realistic at the end of 2021 at the earliest. Originally there should have been six seasons, but this plan was discarded.


At least the beginning of the end should be in 2021 for all fans of the crime drama series “Ozark” with Jason Bateman. Netflix extended its in-house production in June to include a final fourth season, which, however, is to be released in two halves. It is not yet clear whether both will make it into 2021, or whether the last five episodes around the secret drug stronghold Ozark will not appear until 2022.


People believed dead live longer, but not forever. As early as 2018, the series “Lucifer” was faced with its sudden end on the US broadcaster Fox, but found a new home on the streaming service Netflix. Instead of being dropped in the middle of the action, the devil on earth, played by Tom Ellis, can look forward to a worthy farewell in 2021. At least according to the “Screenrant” currently still planned to release season six in 2021.

“Grace and Frankie”

The series “Grace and Frankie” with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin has won a loyal fan base on Netflix in its six seasons so far. All the more surprising for her was the news that the comedy series will be canceled after season seven. The shooting for this should be continued this January.


The new series “Superman & Lois” will be launched in the USA in February. At the same time the farewell to “Supergirl” begins. Then the final sixth season will be broadcast by the American television network The CW. In this country, the final should probably make it to the pay TV channel ProSieben Fun at the end of 2021.

“Last Man Standing”

The “Last Man Standing” also falls over at some point. After nine seasons, the sitcom will come to an end with Mister “Listen Who’s That Hammering” Tim Allen. That’s three more seasons more than the series originally appeared on US broadcaster ABC. After the first dismissal, Fox took on “Last Man Standing”, where the finale will also be shown. ProSieben shows the series in Germany.


Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch (Titus Welliver) will investigate his last investigations in 2021. The Amazon production “Bosch” has so far had six seasons, the final seventh is to follow later this year and will include ten episodes.


Since 2016, Billy Bob Thornton has been leading the unequal battle between David and Goliath as lawyer Billy McBride. The Amazon Studios series of the same name has three seasons so far and has given Thornton a Golden Globe for its performance. In November 2019 it was announced that the fourth season will also be the last season and should appear in 2021.

“The Kominsky Method”

In 2021 “The Kominsky Method” with Michael Douglas will also end. The mixture of comedy and drama with Douglas as acting teacher celebrated its premiere on Netflix in 2018 and knew how to inspire viewers and critics. After the third season, the broadcast date of which has not yet been set, it will still be over. Old star Alan Arkin will no longer be on board in the final episodes.

“Lost in Space”

With “Lost in Space” a revamped version of the original from 1965 came to Netflix in 2018. The sci-fi story about a family in space, like Robinson Crusoe in space, was not only well received because of the elaborate optics. The third and final season should invite to foreign planets in 2021.


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