Biden decides to remove the FARC from the list of terrorist groups

Joe Biden, The National
United States President Joe Biden. Photo: EFE

Joe Biden, United States’s president, decided to remove the Colombian guerrilla of the FARC from its black list of terrorist organizations and notified Congress of its intention, a legislative source confirmed to Efe.

According to the source in Congress, the notification was received this Tuesday, one day before the fifth anniversary of the signing of the peace agreement between the guerrilla group and the government of Juan Manuel Santos.

Notification to the US Legislature is the first step for the removal of the FARC from the State Department’s list of terrorist groups.

There is no fixed term for this new policy to come into force, the US Foreign Ministry detailed on its website.

They evaluate exclusion of the FARC

The source also explained that the Secretary of State, Antony Blink, is the maximum responsible for the resolution.

Blinken was able to make the decision to exclude the FARC from the blacklist on a discretionary basis or to justify it by two circumstances.

The first of these is that the reasons that motivated the designation as a terrorist group no longer apply.

Another situation to consider could be that the removal of this group from the blacklist is due to US national interests.

They speculate on Biden’s stance

Ned Price, a spokesman for the State Department, declined to confirm whether Biden has already made a final decision to remove the FARC from the list. He limited himself to saying that the policy towards the guerrilla group was being reviewed.

“The State Department has given Congress notifications about the next actions in relation to the FARC,” said Price.

Sources with knowledge of the process advanced to The Wall Street Journal that the Biden government was going to remove the FARC from its blacklist and that the official announcement could come soon.

The FARC was included in that US list of terrorist organizations in 1997.

As a result, its members were prohibited from entering the United States and their access to the international financial system based on the dollar was restricted, among other punitive actions.

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