Biden promises series of executive orders from day one in office

The passage of these first measures by decree will prevent the new head of state from going through Congress and in particular the Senate, which could have to devote itself to the procedure for the impeachment of Donald Trump.

Another measure included among the dozen decrees announced, the lifting of the ban on entry into the United States targeting nationals of several countries, mainly with a Muslim majority.

This ban was enacted just days after Donald Trump took office in January 2017.

The chief of staff did not detail all the decrees, indicating that they concerned Joe Biden’s four priorities, namely the fight against the coronavirus, that against climate change, the revival of the economy and the fight for social and racial justice.

Regarding the pandemic, the 46th President of the United States will issue a decree making it compulsory to wear a mask in premises and areas dependent on the federal state, as well as when traveling between states, which Donald Trump had always refused to do. make.

On the economic front, Joe Biden also plans to extend the moratorium on evictions and foreclosures, linked to the pandemic.

The new president will follow up on a series of other decrees, all signed by February 1, or during the first ten days of his presidency, Ron Klain announced in a statement.

“These measures will relieve the millions of Americans who are suffering these crises,” said the future chief of staff. “President-elect Biden is going to act, not just to undo the most serious damage the Trump administration has done, but also to move the country forward.”

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