Biden warns Americans of 250,000 more corona deaths by January

The elected US President Joe Biden did the Americans facing dramatically rising death rates in the corona pandemic warned and urgently called for protective measures. “I don’t want to scare anyone, but get the facts: we will probably another 250,000 people by January lose, ”Biden said on Wednesday (local time) at an online event with employees and small business owners. “Do you understand me? Because people are not careful. ”The spread of the coronavirus must be contained.

Biden did not provide any information on where his assessment of 250,000 other dead comes from. According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University, the coronavirus has killed more than 270,000 people in the United States since the pandemic began. A model by researchers at the IHME Institute at the University of Washington in the US state of Seattle estimates that more than 502,000 deaths by the end of January in the case of relaxed protective measures, and more than 367,000 in the case of stricter protective measures.

The CDC Chief Health Officer Robert Redfieldsaid at a US Chamber of Commerce event on Wednesday, “Unfortunately, I believe we close to 450,000 virus deaths before February That could not be agreed, however, but depends on the extent to which the Americans adhere to protective measures. “The reality is: December and January and February will be tough. In fact, I believe it will be the toughest times in the nation’s public health history. “


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