Biden will invite representatives of Guaidó to the Summit for Democracy

Biden will invite representatives of Juan Guaidó to the next Summit for Democracy

Joe Biden’s government will invite representatives Juan Guaidó, whom he recognizes as interim president of the Republic, and other opposition leaders for the Summit for Democracy. This was reported on Monday by Juan González, adviser for hemispheric affairs at the White House.

“It will be incorporated in a robust way to countries that have democratic challenges, like Cuba and Nicaragua, but above all Venezuela because of everything that is happening at the moment, ”González told the Voice of america.

He said not all the representatives have been announced yet. But he announced that there will be participants from the interim government of Guaidó in the panels where democratic resilience will be discussed before authoritarian systems.

“We want to give a platform before the world to those Venezuelans who want democracy to speak about what visions they have for their country,” he said.

González highlighted the total commitment of the United States with those who want democracy in Venezuela. “Initial dialogues were promisingconstructive conversations, ”the US official said.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio had questioned the State Department last week because supposedly having excluded Guaidó from the list of guests, reviewed Voice of America. During a hearing, Kevin O’Reilly, Deputy Under Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs, responded that the White House has the final say on the event.

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The Biden government announced in August that it would hold the virtual summit with the aim of reaching commitments and initiatives. They would be based on defending against authoritarianism, fighting corruption and promoting respect for human rights.

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