‘Biden’s historic infrastructure package’ passes Senate vote

The US Senate has voted on a historic $1 trillion infrastructure package, in a breakthrough on a bill President Joe Biden said would transform the country.

The text, if passed by Congress and into law, would inject historic levels of federal funding to repair roads, bridges and waterways, secure the Internet for all Americans and expand clean energy programs.

The proposed bipartisan text passed late Wednesday, with 67 in favor and 32 against, with 17 Republicans joining all 50 Democrats to begin formally discussing the bill.

The White House said, that the plan, which is part of Biden’s comprehensive domestic agenda, will create millions of good jobs and make the American economy more robust, sustainable, resilient and fair, noting that the funding will come from redirecting emergency relief funds allocated to Covid-19 that are not spent, increasing corporate fees and strengthening Enforcement of taxes on cryptocurrency.

Biden called the plan “the most significant long-term investment in US infrastructure and competitiveness in nearly a century.”

The plan would allow for the largest-ever federal investment in public transportation and water and sanitation infrastructure, the largest funding for passenger trains since Amtrak and the largest investment in bridges since the nation’s highway system.

It will also help address the climate crisis by investing in clean energy projects such as operating schools and buses on electricity, and forming a body to oversee the establishment of a clean electricity network.

Former President Donald Trump vehemently rejected the bipartisan bill, saying in a statement that the deal was “a loser for the United States, it’s bad, and it puts Republicans in a weak position as if they were idiots.”

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