Bill “separatism”: “It did not really shake, it is rather appeased”

A few passes, hardly more. While the text on Global Security unleashed passions at the end of November with its famous article 24, the one on separatism continues its little fellow in the National Assembly. The left denounces the absence of a social component, the right asks for an additional turn of the screw. In short, a classic scenography… It is, however, the regal project of the Head of State, launched with a view to 2022. “It did not really shake, it is rather appeased,” wonders a government adviser. Another: “I was expecting heated controversy, in the end it’s quite inaudible. Public opinion does not seem to care… ”

Blame it on the health crisis? Not only. The right has scrapped last week on the issue of the veil in particular, but the government had cautiously cleared upstream: withdrawal of the amendment on the veil for girls, no more occurrence of the word “Islamism”, decline on the ban on family school …

This week, the debate should not get carried away much more, even if the oppositions denounce a “catch-all” text which does not “solve anything”. “It’s a toolbox,” replies the president of the LREM group to the National Assembly Christophe Castaner, “we are going to simplify the procedures for closing places of worship where the Republic is threatened, we are going to strengthen the law 1905. The reference in the matter was the president’s speech at Les Mureaux. This one has entered the atmosphere ”. Before adding: “The second part of the demonstration will be through actions. “

The executive now relies more on “actions” than on media coverage. “I trust Gérald Darmanin, once the new legislative tools are at his disposal, to multiply punch actions against associations that do not respect the values ​​of the Republic,” a government adviser suggests. Starting with those who did not want to sign the charter of values ​​of secularism ”. “Thanks to this text, we will eradicate Salafist schools,” enthuses a leading minister. This is the end of carelessness. “

Do not offend voters on the left

Emmanuel Macron has already sent messages to his teams so that the application decrees do not drag on. “These are the concrete results that will allow this to be put to our credit,” adds the President LREM of the Economic Affairs Committee in the Assembly, Roland Lescure. “In the countryside, Marine Le Pen will say that we did nothing. We will then brandish our measures against Islamism, ”wants to believe a government communicator.

As polls predict a close second leg between the two 2017 finalists, the executive is showing muscle. At the risk of robbing his former left-wing voters? In recent days, part of the majority deputies have also called for a political rebalancing. Message heard? In any case, the president has put “equal opportunities” back on his agenda. The head of state is expected to travel to Nantes on Thursday to visit a regional administration institute (IRA). The opportunity to discuss with young people and make announcements on the lanes reserved for scholarship holders for the entrance exams to the grandes écoles of the public service, including the ENA.

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The next day, Emmanuel Macron should unveil “the platform” against discrimination, promised during his interview with Brut, during a trip to a structure of the Licra. The device will be managed by the Defender of Rights, Claire Hédon. So many subjects that will reduce the bandwidth a little more on separatism.

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