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Anthem was not at its best at launch. Gamers knew it, but more importantly developer BioWare knew it. Neither the basic game mechanics nor the loot system were considered particularly satisfactory. For several months the team worked to alleviate these issues, but it was never enough. As a result, BioWare Austin has spent much of this year on the drawing board, designing a Anthem 2.0 (or Next hymn or whatever they end up calling it) raise. Little is known about what that may involve, but the studio has now explained how it ends up modifying the loot.

In an article on the BioWare blog, Christian Dailey, director of BioWare Austin Studio, explained the “high level goals” for Anthem 2.0 loot and equipment. The main goal is to create a more satisfying loot experience. Although the prototyped ideas are subject to change, they are at the heart of what BioWare aims to achieve. These ideas are as follows:

  • Respect your time
    • Increase the frequency of drops
    • Loot is more often viable; All the items are better and more competitive, but there is still a chance to get something great
    • All loot rarities have strategic value throughout progression
  • Embrace the choice
    • You can pursue specific loot without relying solely on chance; Quests; Specialized suppliers; Unique Loot Tables
    • Modify your loot, including relaunching registrations and upgrading items
  • Create a rewarding loot experience
    • Loot is exciting and more visible when dropped, and is celebrated when collected
    • Rare enemies (also known as “walking treasure chests”) create exciting moments to get a flurry of loot at the same time
  • Keep it accessible and immediate
    • Reveal and equip the loot right away
    • Complete redesign of the equipment sheet – including a detailed stat sheet (not shown)
    • Equipment sheet is accessible from anywhere, making it easy to see what you have equipped in each location
  • Equipment reliability and rewards
    • Each item has a “budget” inscription, based on its potency and rarity
    • No more unnecessary items as they lacked essential inscriptions (see “Increased weapon damage by + 225%”)
    • Exceptional items are all about getting the exact types of bonuses you want, instead of maximizing the values ​​of each bonus
  • Ladder for the future
    • Your power cap can be easily increased and the loot system scales accordingly
    • Advanced telemetry data allows us to identify trends and make significant balance changes

The studio has also worked hard to reinvent the feel of the shooter. According to Dailey, “The shot is overall more responsive, with enemies responding to hits almost instantly.” Additionally, BioWare is rethinking the role of melee items and constructs. New weapon concepts and unlocked skill points are also getting a lot of attention in Anthem 2.0 production.

Anthem is available for purchase now for the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One platforms. Version 2.0 is still a long way from its release, with no firm release date yet, or even a confirmed delivery method to players. It’s unclear whether this will be a brand new game, a relaunch of the first game, a free update, or paid DLC.

[Source: BioWare Blog; Via: Game Revolution]

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