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Bitcoin le 26 novembre 2021 – Friday, bloody Friday

Black et blood FridayBitcoin (BTC) revisits $ 53,000 and hits a six-week low. Bears provide an opportunity that a whale decides to seize to stock up on bitcoin.

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Black Friday for Bitcoin: Markets Develop Serious Form of Nu Variant

Bitcoin drops to around $ 53,560 on Bitfinex today, November 26, 2021. The rebound does not allow the bulls to recover the $ 55,000. Bitcoin is trading at $ 54,526 at the time of writing, and is currently recording a large daily loss of 7.43%.

The markets recorded a liquidation of over $ 670 million within 24 hours. Such a high liquidation volume is usually symptomatic of an over-leveraged, overbought market. A similar liquidation volume was seen in May 2021, as the price of bitcoin underwent a 50% correction.

Bitcoin and traditional assets are rocked by the appearance of a new variant of covid-19, called Nu. The latter could question vaccination plans. Bitcoin, the dollar, and equities follow the same movement in this type of context, just like on Black Thursday in March 2020. If the S&P 500 lost 1.5%, Pfizer escaped the downward pressure with an increase of 7% at the opening of Wall Street.

El Salvador profits from sales: bitcoin HODlers still expect higher prices

Black Friday 2021 therefore offers a golden buying opportunity to traders and investors who continue to believe in a bullish recovery in the coming weeks. Black Friday 2020 was also marked by a decline in bitcoin, plunging to around $ 16,400, before resuming the rise and conquering levels above $ 20,000.

El Salvador is one of the investors who takes advantage of the Black Friday sales. President Nayib Bukele announced in his tweet today, that the country came from “Buy the dip”, that is to say bought the troughs, adding 100 bitcoins worth $ 5.4 million to buy, at his stock.

As the markets are painted a blood red color, the bitcoin reserves of centralized exchanges have reached their lowest level in about 40 months, falling below the 2.5 million bitcoin mark. This decrease in the BTC balance of the exchanges shows that a large number of bitcoin holders continue to hold their holdings, waiting for high price levels before eventually collecting profits.

Bitcoin moves further away from $ 98,000, confirming at this point PlanB crash. However, will Bitcoin be able to return to $ 61,330 and more by the end of November 2021, to end the month of November in the green?

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