Bizarre! Lensless camera uses artificial intelligence to take pictures

2023-06-03 20:23:00

an artist called Bjørn Karmann decided to create an unusual project involving photography. It’s about the Paragraphicawhich is basically a camera that does not use lenses to take pictures and works with data from artificial intelligence so that the images can be generated.

Even though it has a camera shape, the bizarre item has a Raspberry Pi 4, GPS and operates with Stable Diffusion to create the results. The structure has a button to activate the mechanism and three disks to make image adjustments to make it clearer.

With the GPS antenna, the Raspberry Pi 4 computer collects the user’s location data, as well as information about the place, including time, address and even the proximity of the person to known points. From this, a text is generated to generate the final “photo”.

The tool used to generate this image is based on an API of the Stable Diffusion model with Python in its programming. Likewise, the visual part of this engine is Noodl. As a result, a kind of “photograph” is generated that represents the place where the person is.

Even if it is not something that deviates a little from the proposal of any camera, the use of AI with this equipment is very curious. Now, if you prefer traditional cameras, check out our list of the best DSLR options to buy, as well as action camera variants.

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