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This security camera footage captures the incredible moment Walter Hickox defends his dogs from a black bear. The predator appeared on the porch of Hickox’s Daytona Beach, Florida home on the evening of January 19 and saw easy prey in 12-year-old dachshund Pepper.

But the bear had reckoned without his master. Hickox charged at the uninvited guest and tried to drive him away with all his might. Ultimately with success. He then pushed a bench in front of the front door to prevent further intrusion. The man suffered only minor scratches. The dogs escaped unharmed. The ravenous black bear eventually left the property without prey.

How to behave correctly in the event of a bear attack

As the “Dailymail” reports, this was not the first attack by this lady bear. Because of this, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has classified the animal as a threat to the public and ordered the predator to be killed. Bear attacks are extremely rare. If you do encounter a bear, lie flat on your stomach. As a rule, the bear leaves you alone or just sniffs.

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