Black Ops Cold War developers brilliantly troll the leakers

Like many studios, Treyarch needs to be vigilant about the content they develop for Black Ops Cold War and which can be unveiled in no time by leakers. They came up with a hilarious solution to trap the curious.

Leaks in the video game industry are always a topic that generates debate. The studios and even part of the community complain about it, because the leakers often reveal in advance the content supposed to remain secret, but many players are hungry for this crisp information of which it is often necessary to disentangle the true from the false.

Today, there are many leakers and the phenomenon affects all popular games … and the Call of Duty saga is obviously no exception to the rule. As the next Black Ops Cold War installment approaches, Studio Treyarch needs to be especially vigilant about the content they are secretly adding to the game, knowing full well that it will be quickly found and released online.


With a game of the scale of Cold War on the way, leakers are on the lookout for any line of code that could give information.

In order to snub all the leakers looking for crispy scoops on Cold War, Treyarch has intentionally left a crass loophole in his defenses, in order to beautifully troll the curious little ones having fun rummaging through the game files. .

By consulting the code of the executable file of Black Ops Cold War, the players could find several files with the enticing name: “SEASON_CONFIG”, “PCDEV_GODMODE”, “LOOTBOXES_CONFIG” or even “MTX_CONFIG”. A godsend for leakers who could expect a great deal of secrets to be revealed to the community.

Funny anecdote: by checking out the .exe of COD Cold War, you will find some links to Rick Roll πŸ™‚

However, no relevant information was at stake by following the links in this file. Indeed, these refer to a well-known video: the famous Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley … the ultimate song when it comes to trolling someone by making him click on a link and promising him and wonders. We can imagine that a good number of curious people had to be Rickroll in due form.

Obviously, this little joke will in no way deter the most assiduous leakers who always end up not finding something to eat. But the joke is well found, and it is fair game in the face of a phenomenon that can seriously harm development studios, just as it can drive up the hype around a game.

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