Blagnac up to the task –

From the morose of Aubenas to the rose of Blagnac, there is only one step which we will not take even if, in the 65th minute, we have failed. Racing seemed to have done the hard part and led 26-10. But Narbonne is the king of suspense, it is well known. Yesterday, against a catchy team from Blagnac, we saw everything we no longer want to see, in the first and last quarter of an hour, and everything we want to see again, that is to say the rest.

Finally, Narbonne found himself on the fundamentals of rugby and can build on this victory, narrow, of course, but which has the merit of existing. Finally, Narbonne scratched balloons in the rucks and put the pace. There are still things going on, approximations, bad choices, yes, but there are also good things, when individuals have their heads and legs on the lawn.

Far from being serene at the start of the match, Narbonne first encountered a good game at the foot of the Blagnac opener, Ugo Seunes, barely 19 years old. Blagnac maintains the pressure when Racing maintains… its approximations. Brown inquires (0-3, 11th), Racing is crumbling.

Carried by a great Faleafa and a finally decisive David Smith, the RCN launches and Guillaume Namy is at the conclusion (7-3, 23rd). Narbonne plays, Blagnac sees yellow (Manas) and on a carried ball, Apimeleki Nawaqatabu rewards a good carried ball (14-3, 27th). Five minutes later, breakthrough by Valentin Sese and Guillaume Namy marks his second try in the opposite corner (21-3, 33rd). Blagnac has the last word before the break by winger Daurau-Bedin after a big melee fight (21-10, 40th). Racing returns with a newfound state of mind: on a new maul, Julien Dumoulin pierces and scores (26-10).

The Narbonne air gap occurs. Blagnac camps in front of the Audoise line, the RCN multiplies but its melee takes water (26-17, 65th). With a redesigned three-quarter line, the RCN tries, exposes itself. And trembles when Maxime Gaignard scores a try against (29-24). On this stifling end of the match, the RCN collectively snatched their victory: they won a ball in touch on their 15 m and Pierre Nueno scratched the ball for the win. Blagnac gave Narbonne a hard time.


MT: 21-10; referee: Sylvain Brayelle (Île-de-France); 2,500 spectators.

Winners: 4E Namy (22, 32), Nawaqatabu (26), Dumoulin (49), 3T Parkinson (23, 27, 33), 1P Goutard (68).

Defeated: 3E Daurau-Bedin (39), penalty (65), Gaignard (70), 2 T Rougé-Thomas (40), Augustin (71), 1P Brun (11).

Score evolution: 0-3, 7-3, 14-3, 21-3, 21-10, 26-10, 26-17, 29-17, 29-24.

NARBONNE : Justes (Goutard, 65) – Namy, Nawaqatabu, Smith, E. Ducom – (o) Parkinson (Nueno, 69), (m) Nova (Bessaguet, 51) – Faleafa, Nouhaillaguet (cap.) (Recordier, 61), Dumoulin – Kbaier (Visser, 51), Sese (Kbaier, 64) – Cotet (Loudet, 59), Blanc (Huggett, 44), Baron (Abadie, 44).

BLAGNAC : Vernetti – Daurau-Bedin (Manas, 76), Gaignard, Rougé-Thomas (Aleyrangues, 51), Tardieu – (o) Seunes, (m) Brun (Ferrary, 29 then Augustin, 51) – Lecomte, Manas (Medvès, 51) ), Ponsole – Toolis, Mutel (Maurens, 33) – Weber (De Sousa, 44), Piffero (cap.) (Villerouge, 51), J.-B. Martin (Biscioni, 44).

Yellow card : Manas (25).

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