Blizzard did not allow the Echo guild to kill Sylvanas using new tactics – the boss was reinforced again | Games

The Echo guild was unable to use the new tactics to kill the boss of the Sanctuary of Dominance. Game designers at Blizzard overseeing the progress race in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands have introduced a hot fix that is causing gamers to discover a way to deal more damage in the second phase of the battle.

A day earlier Echo brought Sylvanas Windrunner has up to 50% health, previously required to complete the fight on Heroic and Normal difficulties, and has already celebrated the victory over the boss. Subsequently, it turned out that the Mythic Banshee Queen would only die at supposedly 45% health. Having learned about this, the analysts of the squad found out that the raid can get the necessary damage in the second phase of the battle.

During several attempts, one of the Echo tanks fought the summoned colossus alone, while the other players maximized Sylvanas’ damage on the other platform. After several pools, it turned out that Blizzard introduced a new condition – now, with this tactic, the colossus goes into a rage and easily kills the tank, dealing 900% damage.

The community was divided on Blizzard’s move. Some believe that the company fixed the initial flaw, others suggest that such a fix was released on purpose so that the raiders could not complete the “Sanctuary of Dominance” in the first week after the release of the epoch-making difficulty.

Sanctuary of Dominance’s Mythic difficulty became available on July 14th. At the time of publication of the news, no guilds had yet managed to complete the raid.


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