Blizzard releases arcade collection. With games like Blackthorne and The Lost Vikings

During its opening ceremony, BlizzCon 2021 presented Blizzard a collection that contains three of Blizzard’s classic games from the 90’s. The collection is called the Blizzard Arcade Collection which contains the first The Lost Vikings, Rock n ‘Roll Racing and Blackthorne. All three games have received small modern upgrades such as the ability to save where you want and “rewind” the games up to ten seconds.

Blizzard Arcade Collection also includes a digital museum where you can check out stuff such as concept images, materials that were never used in the games and interviews.

The collection is now available on Windows, PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox One for just over SEK 200. There is also a more expensive edition that contains some bonus material for Diablo III and Overwatch. The collection can of course also be played on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S via the consoles’ backward compatibility features.


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