Bo Yang’s widow stops publishing “The Ugly Chinese” Experts analyze the reason behind: “Cultural Taiwan Independence” has sinister intentions | Blog Post

According to Taiwan media news, Zhang Xianghua, widow of the famous writer Bo Yang, recently refused to select an excerpt from Bo Yang’s book “The Ugly Chinese” into the first-grade textbook for Taiwan’s junior high school, saying that Yi Bo Before his death, Yang explained that the publication of “The Ugly Chinese” will now be stopped forever, and the book will no longer be published after the contract with Yuanliu Publishing House in Taiwan and People’s Literature Publishing House in China expires in 2024.

“The Ugly Chinese” was published in Taiwan in 1985, and the main content is to criticize the Chinese people’s inferiority and the “soy jar culture” of the last century. The book also set off a “Bo Yang fever” in the mainland.

Bo Yang’s “The Ugly Chinese”.

Zhang Xianghua told the Global Times reporter recently that it can be said that “The Ugly Chinese” was directed at the Kuomintang officialdom in Taiwan at the time. Reading this book cannot be separated from the background of the time and must have a corresponding historical knowledge reserve. She explained why she decided to stop publishing “The Ugly Chinese” forever: “Bo Yang said before his death, “When China progresses, you can stop reading this book.” 、In the fault of doing things unrealistically, we will have new goals to pursue, and this book should be scrapped.”

The more important reason Zhang Xianghua made up his mind was that the DPP authorities attempted to “de-sinicize” using Bo Yang’s works. Therefore, she regarded her decision as a “straight ball showdown” with the DPP authorities. Zhang Xianghua also pointed out that mainland China has made great progress compared with the 1980s, and correspondingly, Taiwan still exists. “The Ugly Chinese”, Chen Shizhong, the head of Taiwan’s epidemic prevention department, was revealed a few days ago that the video of singing dinner without a mask is exactly what was criticized in the book “The Ugly Chinese”. “He is exactly the ugliest China. people”.

Bo Yang and Zhang Xianghua.

Bo Yang and Zhang Xianghua.

Liu Heping, a special commentator for Shenzhen Satellite TV Direct News, pointed out that Mr. Bo Yang’s book “The Ugly Chinese” itself not only does not discriminate against Chinese people and does not humiliate China. On the contrary, it is Mr. Bo Yang as a cultural scholar. His bounden duty is a manifestation of patriotism and love for the nation. This is the fundamental reason why mainland China allowed the publication of this book as early as the 1980s.

Liu Heping believes that the reason behind Zhang Xianghua’s decision is that Mr. Bo Yang never dreamed when he was writing this book that the book “The Ugly Chinese” would become the Tsai Ing-wen’s advocacy of “cultural Taiwan independence” and ” “De-Sinicization” tool. Because when Bo Yang wrote this book, the vast majority of people on the island still had a strong sense of national and ethnic identity, and “Taiwan independence” had not really formed a climate. However, after more than 30 years, the island’s political ecology has undergone major changes. Under the deliberate manipulation of the DPP and “Taiwan independence elements”, “de-sinicization” has become to some extent. “Cultural and political correctness.”

Experts say that the work has become a tool for the Tsai Ing-wen authorities to promote

Experts say that the work has become a tool for the Tsai Ing-wen authorities to promote “cultural Taiwan independence” and “de-sinicize”.

In his view, Tsai Ing-wen and the “Taiwan independence” forces used Bo Yang’s book “The Ugly Chinese” to promote “de-sinicization” and “cultural Taiwan independence.” The ulterior logical reasoning behind this is this. The Chinese in the book “The Ugly Chinese” only refers to the Chinese who live in mainland China and the Taiwanese who are in favor of cross-strait reunification. They do not include “Taiwan independence” elements.

This means that in the eyes of the Tsai Ing-wen authorities and the “Taiwan independence” forces, the Chinese people living in mainland China and those Taiwanese who are in favor of cross-strait reunification have ugly human nature, while the human nature of the “Taiwan independence” elements It is perfect. They attempted to use such a logical reasoning to educate students in Taiwan to further create an atmosphere of public opinion that hates the Chinese people and Chinese culture, and then hates China and the Chinese nation, and finally came to the conclusion that “Taiwan must separate from China to achieve independence.”

In other words, the Tsai Ing-wen authorities and the “Taiwan independence” forces are not only educating the people in Taiwan to resist the political system and ideology of mainland China, but also educating the people in Taiwan to dislike and resist the nationality and nationality of mainlanders. Liu Heping believes that this is another new trend that the Tsai Ing-wen administration has promoted “cultural Taiwan independence” that deserves the mainland’s attention.


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