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EL COLOMBIANO users on social networks submitted their list of favorite songs of the popular genre, in which the name of Rodolfo Aircardy predominates.

They cited Lemon with rum, Sweetie, Let no trace remain, Songs of Christmas and Happy Good Night, of the artist who died in 2007.

Other titles appeared, from other musicians such as The Green Ribbon, Night Fantasy and Cardboard Puppets and The Syringe.

They also brought up the names of Guillermo Buitrago, Los 50 de Joselito,, Leonel Ospina, José Barros, Lucho Bermúdez, La Billos and Los Melódicos.

Parenthesis The play list that cannot be missed at parties

This is the list of essential party songs in the end of the year season. The users of EL COLOMBIANO, through their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, gave their favorites:

1. El Apachurrado (Leonardo Marín)

2. The aguardientoski (Gildardo Montoya)

3. El Morro (Darío Gómez)

4. The Little Orphan (Guillermo Buitrago)

5. Sure you do (Gildardo Montoya)

6. The brandy (The Reliquaries)

7. The Drippers (José Muñoz and Los

8. Add more water to the soup (Joaquín Bedoya)

8. Doña Marina (Los Cantores de Chipuco)

9. From Santa Elena (Horacio Grisales)

10. The Culichupao (John Jairo Pérez).

Jose Muñoz

The only survivor on this list is 89 years old, and the television presenter qualifies as a living legend. From his voice and later as a member of the group Los Relicarios, songs such as The drippers and my clock stopped.

“Pour me a drink, Mr. bartender … calm down, brother, there are no drippers here, make it taste good.”

(The Drippers)

Joaquin Bedoya

About this artist, who died in 2014, the presenter of La Viejoteca says that he was the Gardel de la parranda. “The joke and the saying made them music.” Songs like Aguardiente for the driver, Add more water to the soup and the Veterans they are the most representative.

You can start singing now, so that you sing:

“Because Agustín is coming to lunch with Juan Gabriel // And Ana with her thirty children and with her husband Manuel // And Piedad is also going to have lunch with Don Rafael // And they already told me that they are very good to eat // Mija , add more water to the soup ”.

(Add more water to the soup)

Gildardo Montoya

The third name they cite is that of this singer, songwriter and producer, who died in a traffic accident in 1976. Usquiano remembers that he came to Medellín as a butcher in the Plaza de Cisneros and thanks to his talent he ended up as artistic director at the record label Codiscos producing for artists like Gustavo “el Loko” Quintero and Jairo Patermina, from El Combo de las Estrellas.

His are classics like The aguardientoski, The ruined, Surely yes, The Troubadour of the Valley, Damn Christmas and Dele out there.

“Oh damn Christmas

You come with your bustle

I see everyone having fun

For me it is a sacrifice “

(Oh damn Christmas)

Octavio Mesa

Another of the most remembered is the musician who died in 2007, and who according to Usquiano took a step beyond the party. “His was not double meaning, he was direct and began to use rudeness in his interpretations.”

What Mesa achieved stands out, because his songs were not played on the radio (because of the swear words he used) and even so he sold a lot at nightclubs.

The cheerful elf, The day laborer, What a berraca life or I’ll be back on Monday are songs from his extensive discography.

“I go up on the roofs to scare away the old women, I am the devil // I pinch the children and every minute that I am inside a house I damage a marriage.”

(The cheerful goblin)

report Other names of the genus

Behind these legends artists such as Mario Tierra, Crisanto Vargas, “Vargasvil”, John Jairo Pérez, Horacio Grisales, Los cantores de Chipuco, Óscar Monsalve “Risaloca” and Leonardo Marín were forged, who according to the manager of Discos Victoria (a company that their website is the entire catalog of the musicians who recorded with them) they have kept the legacy alive.


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