Boeing 737 Max cleared to take off

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Wednesday overturned a decision that halted commercial operation of Boeing 737-8 and 737-9 aircraft.

This decision will allow, on the one hand, the airlines under the jurisdiction of the American regulatory authority, in particular in the United States, to take the necessary measures to ensure the return to service of the planes and, on the other hand, to Boeing to ” start the delivery of new devices. Over the past twenty months, Boeing has worked closely with airlines, providing them with detailed recommendations on long-term aircraft storage and ensuring that their contributions are considered and incorporated into the return process. safe service.

An Airworthiness Directive (AD) published by the FAA lists the requirements that must be met before US airlines can return these aircraft to service, including: installing software enhancements; the finalization of the modifications concerning the separation of the wire harnesses; pilot training and careful execution of stock removal operations to ensure aircraft are ready for return to commercial service.

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