Bogotá Mobility: TransMilenio Stations Still Not Working – Bogotá

According to the Ministry of Mobility, at this time there are several news in Bogotá traffic and in the TransMilenio service due to some outbreaks of protests.

(Can read: Protests continued, despite the announcement of the dismissal of the Unemployment Committee)

On Caracas avenue with 76B Sur street, on the Bridge of Dignity, the demonstration continues, which since the afternoon has generated road damage in both directions of the road. There are approximately 20 citizens.

Regarding the massive transportation system, TransMilenio announced that the operation to the San Mateo station (Soacha) is not working due to demonstrations that are presented in the South NQS.

In addition, the Portal de Las Américas is also being stopped, also due to demonstrations that continue to congregate there. The fleets that have their routes through this trunk are making returns at the Banderas station.

Finally, Mobility announced that the vehicular flow through NQS avenue, in the surroundings of the ‘El Campín’ stadium, is already functioning normally. During the afternoon hours, hundreds of Millionaires fans gathered in this sector as part of the Colombian soccer final that the Ambassador team disputed.

In addition, nearby TransMilenio stations there, such as QS Calle 75, Av. Chile, Simón Bolívar, CAD, Universidad Nacional, Campin and Movistar Arena, are operating again after an afternoon without performances by the congregations of fans.

Inclusive, excesses occurred after the end of the game that Deportes Tolima won 1-2.

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