Bon Plan iPhone Se (2020): The mid-range displayed at less than 400 euros

This is a great opportunity that must be seized today at FNAC, where the price of the mid-range iPhone SE (2020) drops below the bar of 400 euros.

Apple, it is a brand that has established its mark in the premium smartphone sector for a very long time, with each year a new series which, as in recent months the iPhone 12, reaches a very large audience. But the Cupertino company also noticed the potential there was in more affordable segments, with lovers of the brand on a budget too small to afford a flagship. This is the reason why she gave birth last year a mid-range iPhone SE (2020), a model that you will be able to acquire today at its very best price on the market at FNAC!


iPhone SE (2020) on the FNAC

395.00 €

Indeed, while it is normally on sale at the base price 489 euros, this smartphone branded with the bite of the apple can be purchased at the moment on the site of the French bookseller. for 395 euros (noted on 06/09 at 2:31 p.m., subject to change). A discount of a hundred euros that you can inflate by putting a cashback on the table. And the iPhone SE (2020) is a machine which, if it is considered a mid-range, embeds the same A13 Bionic chip as the iPhone 11currently available with a nice discount -. Enough to ensure performance, for a lesser amount!

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