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On August 20, the Government of confirmed the delivery of a monetary subsidy to 13.5 million Peruvians who are in a situation of poverty or vulnerability. The delivery of the , name of state support, It started this Monday, September 13.

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As explained by the premier This is an economic support of 350 soles per person and 700 soles minimum per family (two beneficiaries). A bit different from what has been seen in previous subsidies.

¿Which households will receive the Yanapay Peru Bonus?

The official document on the Bonus 350 soles indicates that a Supplementary subsidy of S / 350 to those households that were made up of one person of legal age and at least one minor. Thus these homes they will receive a total of 700 soles.

In addition, Yanapay Peru will reach the elderly who are part of households living in poverty and extreme poverty according to the Household Targeting System (SISFOH).

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Those citizens who are part of the JUNTOS Program, Pension 65 Program and MIDIS Contigo Program.

In all cases, the beneficiaries They must belong to families where income does not exceed S / 3,000

Bonus 350 soles: what are the payment modalities of the subsidy

As in other previous bonds issued by the Government in the COVID-19 pandemic, what will be sought is that agglomerations are not generated and thus avoid contagion by COVID-19.

In this case, for the Bonus 350 Yanapay Peru, the Government has reported that there will be a total of 11 payment methods. In the press conference and subsequent official note from the Government, only seven have been detailed:

  • Bank accounts
  • Digital wallets
  • cell banking
  • Paying carts
  • Windows in Banco de la Nación branches and extended windows
  • DNI account
  • Home payments in specific cases

Check if you are a beneficiary of the 350 Yanapay Bonus with your ID

  • Enter this link:
  • Fill in the requested information such as: DNI number and date of issuance of the same
  • Click on the box where it says ‘I’m not a robot’
  • Accept the privacy policy
  • Read the security recommendations and see if you are a beneficiary
  • You can also make the consultation by calling the telephone line 101

According to the criteria of

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Bonus 350 per person: who is this new subsidy for and when will it be delivered?
The government of Pedro Castillo has announced that it will deliver a new 350 soles bond called Yanapay Peru, with the purpose of helping people who are in vulnerable situations. Know all the details in the following video.



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