Boris Johnson battles for his political survival

STORY – The Prime Minister is preparing a salvo of popular measures among the Tories to try to defuse the scandal.

In the corridors of Whitehall, it is called “Operation Save Big Dog” (save the big dog) … Boris Johnson’s rescue operation is launched. Seriously affected by the “Partygate”, the Prime Minister fights for his political survival. The conclusions of the internal investigation into the “containment parties” at the top of power could be made at the end of the week. The counter-attack involves cleaning up Downing Street positions and a salvo of popular measures in the Conservative ranks.

Boris Johnson wants to change the “little” music that is heard across the country. The idea is imprinted in the opinion that he is not – or no longer – in his place. That his days are numbered. That politically, he is no more than a “walking dead manAs Conservative MP Roger Gale pointed out. His supports rise to the forehead softly. Others stand apart as one moves away from the sick. This time, he was nicknamed “Mr Teflon” because the controversy slipped…

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