Borrell shows concern over Israel’s annexation plan

The High Representative for Foreign Policy of the EU, Josep Borrell, held this Thursday atelephone conversation with the alternate prime minister of Israeland Defense Minister Benny Gantz, before whom he has expressed his concern about Israel’s plan to annex areas of the West Bank and has reaffirmed the EU’s commitment to a political process that allows a two-state solution.

As reported by the High Representative’s office,Both have had a cordial conversation in which, however, Borrell has expressed his concern about the potential annexation of the Jordan Valley, as planned by the new Israeli government under the agreement proposed by the United States, which has been rejected by the community. international.

“He recalled the firm commitment of the EU to a negotiated and viable two-state solution based on international parameters”,notes a statement, reiterating the need to resume negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis to agree on their status and achieve lasting peace.

Both have agreed on the need for the EU and Israel to coordinate to promote stability in the region. In turn, Borrell has insisted that the EU alsoHe is involved with the security of Israel and condemns any approach that questions its existence.

This call comes after the visit of the German Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, to Israel where he met with Gantz andexpressed in the same line as Brussels,stressing that Israel’s project is not compatible with international law.

The first steps of the new Israeli coalition Executive between Benny Gantz and Benjamin NetanyahuParticular caution is being followed in the community capital, which has already intensified its contacts to prevent Tel Aviv from following through with its annexationist plan, which was announced in July and threatens to provoke an earthquake in the region.

Annexation project

“No one has a clear idea of ​​his plans.Judging by their statements, not even they are clear about the project within the coalition, nor are the Americans, “said European sources on what to expect from the new Israeli Executive.

After a few weeks ago the EU was firm in the face of the potential annexation and announced a reinforcement of its diplomatic action, without ruling out actions if Israel proceeds with its plan,Israeli media have indicated that different member countries are considering adopting sanctions individually.

However, this possibility is still far away in Brussels. According to several diplomatic delegations, sanctions “are not on the table” and a restrictive response is not contemplated at the moment.“It is very early yet”,the sources consulted point out, showing that the Twenty-seven are still waiting for the next movements of Tel Aviv.


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