Boston can believe it again, but we are told that in fact not at all

Injured to the arch of the foot, Nets post 4 Jeff Green is therefore obliged to miss the end of the series against the Celtics. Huge blow for Brooklyn in a streak set to go in seven games, and Steve Nash will have to give us a big game of poker to compensate for the absence of the former Sonics.

It’s the catastrophe, friends! After a rain of injuries on Brooklyn throughout the year, it had to happen in the Playoffs as well. Jean-Franck Vert was thus left with an injury during Game 2 with a simple impression of a small injury, but the radios then proved that he had a small sprain. Suddenly, the Canadian coach will have to rely offensively or defensively on other players, who will have to raise their level of play in order to get out of the trap set by the Celtics. Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving to name a few, but be careful because we do not yet know exactly the consistency or consistency of these players.

As you can see, the loss of an admittedly important player in Nash’s “houstonian” rotation is not really dramatic for a team made up largely of human cheat codes. JG was still one of the keys to the workforce since he could fill several boxes, defend in several positions. The friend to the ten career franchises turns this season at 11 points and 3.9 rebounds, and the staff of the Nets will therefore have to choose between Thanos, James Bond, Zeus, Athena, Hulk and a minotaur to fill this lack of Jeff. Jeff who therefore plays in several positions, and thus different positions which will have to find takers on the minutes left vacant by JG. We think of a Blake Griffin who today has the same profile as him, a Kevin Durant who does the job wonderfully on post 4, or even Bruce ‘Ant Man’ Brown, since baby can shrink defending on a post 1 then grow larger defending on a post 4 and sometimes even tickle 5s, 6s and 7s.

A damaging absence for the Nets to be sure, but little Jeff is just dust in the franchise’s four-star roster. Brooklyn should probably keep rolling over Boston and sweeping away from the Celtics, hapless Celtics about to give up all their talent and soul in favor of the Black and White Monstars.

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Text source: ESPN

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