Boston Dynamics robots once again amaze everyone with their New Year’s dance (video)

The robots of the Boston Dynamics company have achieved new feats.

Specialized in robotics, the Boston Dynamics company is regularly talked about. In 2018 in particular, the American company, based in Massachusetts, had already impressed the world of robotics by publishing two videos on the prowess of its robots. One of them showed the Atlas robot, already capable of doing somersaults or walking on rough terrain, running independently. In the other images, it is the robot dog named SpotMini which had been produced by Boston Dynamics. We saw him open a door by pressing the handle, and then keep the door open to let his companions pass.

This time, Boston Dynamics took advantage of the end of 2020 to make its last robots perform a few dance steps. And the performance is impressive. On the video posted on Youtube by the company, we see Atlas jump in the air and wiggle to the rhythm of the song “Do You Love Me” by Contours. He is then joined by a second humanoid robot, then by SpotMini and a last robot. Without ever being unbalanced by their frenzied dance, the four machines move together to the rhythm of the music in a confusing way. They don’t just repeat the same steps over and over, but really give the impression of adapting their movements to the notes of the music. The video, posted to Youtube on December 29, has already been viewed more than four million times. We let you discover it below.


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