Boston: Elevator rips off woman’s arm – then she dies

Allston –

The professor Dr. Carrie O’Connor of Boston University was killed in a terrible accident in Allston, Massachusetts.

The 38-year-old wanted to take a package down to the elevator. Shortly before she could fully board, the elevator is said to have started moving for reasons that have not yet been clarified.

Terrible tragedy: the elevator leaves Ms. Arm – she dies in the process

The elevator pulled the young woman’s arm with it as she fell. The lift came to a stop shortly afterwards.

At around 5 p.m., the police and rescue workers were called to the home in Allston. When they got there, they found the victim on the first floor.

A local resident said that she only heard a scream before running into the hallway to find a man screaming and hyperventilating and saying “she is dead, she is dead”.

Boston: Professor dies in a falling elevator

The traumatized man was taken to the hospital. He was according to the Sun but not physically injured. “He saw things no one should ever see,” said a spokesman.

Professor Dr. Carrie O’Connor recently moved into the Allston home. A university spokesman described her death as “a terrible tragedy and a terrible loss.”

“We have lost a bright young life, and it’s just a terrible situation … it breaks our hearts,” added the spokesman.

Elevator tragedy: Professor dies due to a torn arm

Investigations should now show whether the elevator, which dates from the 1920s, was possibly overloaded. The woman’s package, said to be large and heavy, was seized. Initial findings revealed that the professor had died of “traumatic asphyxia”, i.e. a sudden compression of the chest.

A property manager said the elevator had been inspected this year and had no problems.

A neighbor suspects that the package and the woman may have exceeded the weight limit that the elevator could handle. A resident assumes that the woman who was killed came too early to the button that set the elevator in motion. The incident is still being investigated. (mh)


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