Bou Assi: Beware .. “Do not try us”

Member of the “Strong Republic” bloc, MP Pierre Bou Assi, affirmed that the “Lebanese Forces” will not allow the sacrifices of its martyrs to be harmed, noting that “those who imagine that they will rob us of this country and its identity are very mistaken, and those who wish to humiliate us have a single solution, which is to kill us.” However, with reaching this circumstance, the rampart becomes more expensive than the university and the school. He added: “Do not try us. Beware of insulting us or stealing our identity, ambitions and dreams in Lebanon.” He pointed out that bringing the martyrs into the narrow world of politics is an unforgivable crime, describing those who shed their blood as “the bastard” and “dishonorable.”

Bou Assi spoke after a mass for the repose of the souls of the martyrs of the Lebanese resistance at the Lady Church in Hadad, organized by the “Lebanese Forces” center in the town, in cooperation with the Professionals Department in Baabda and Beirut. He pointed out, “We will not allow the sacrifices of our martyrs, including the sons of Hadath, to be undermined, but we will also not allow the sacrifices of their fathers and grandfathers and the generations that preceded us to be undermined.”

And he said: “Two thousand years ago, we dreamed and sought to establish a homeland in Lebanon, and whoever imagines that he would rob us of this homeland and its identity is very mistaken. Before him, many tried and our martyrs paid the price, and today he is repeating the experience. If he wants to humiliate us, he has the only solution, which is to kill us. Among us, we will not give up our identity, our homeland, our role, and our existence, neither as Christians nor as Lebanese, but we warn him that trying to humiliate us is not a picnic, and whoever tried before him to do so is well aware that the price is very high when someone tries to harm us.

He explained, “We are peaceful by nature and strive for life, happiness and prosperity and to secure the best education and job opportunities for our children, but not at the expense of their dignity, their future, their identity or their homeland. Therefore, with reaching this circumstance, the barricade becomes more expensive than the university and the school.”

He added: “Do not try us. Learn from the lessons of history. We started long before you, and he promised us that we will remain long after you in this country with all its cultural, sectarian and regional components. A country for all, but beware that someone insults us or steals our identity, ambitions and dreams in Lebanon.”

Bou Assi stressed that it is not acceptable to remember our martyrs for one reason, which is that it is unacceptable to forget them, and continued: “How can we forget the most precious thing in this world?!! We come to the monument to our martyrs, we come to renew our promise to them and our commitment to what they were martyred for, not to remember them.”

And he considered that there is a crime against our martyrs, of which he is personally ashamed, as they have been dragged into the narrow world of politics and the game of power to the point of blasphemy against their sacred testimony, stressing that it is an unforgivable crime. The collection of the sisters is the one who seeks the sisters in his life.

He described those who “violated their blood” as “a fool” and “dishonorable”, explaining that ancient peoples sanctify the lives of their martyrs, and asked: “Who is loyalty if it is not allocated to the one who ransomed you with his life? Is it for the one who sold you or strengthened you with his weapon?”

And he added: “In Paris, militias like us were liberating their country when the state colluded. To this day, you will find France saying here that so-and-so was martyred to liberate his country, not here a militia was killed.” A town in France where there is no monument to martyrs, to say that we are a living society.”

He pointed out that “whoever honors his martyrs protects future generations, and whoever insults them strikes the immunity of the body of his society, because when he criticizes those who were martyred or sacrificed their future and their deeds, the pride of the next generation is broken,” stressing that “any society without immunity is liable to death.”

He concluded by saying: “When some of them colluded, I sought as a citizen for my freedom, and I paid for it in blood and got it. Therefore, if we want to be a living society, we must strive for peace, but we are always ready to sacrifice.”

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