Brandenburg: In Calau there are puns instead of tickets

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In Calau there are puns instead of tickets

Jokes, whether they’re funny or not, are loved in Calau. After all, the place in the south of Brandenburg is considered the cradle of the joke. On two days a year, however, the Calauers take their puns to the extreme.

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Calau in Brandenburg is the city of jokes

City guide Stephan Uhlig is next to the Calau town sign. Shoemakers and cobblers once made the city famous

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Man must like that: radio presenters or colleagues who want to cheer you up early in the morning with puns like “A fox comes into the chicken coop and shouts: Get out of bed!” Some turn away with horror, others laugh themselves to pieces. A short trip to Calau is recommended for this species.

After all, the place in the south of Brandenburg is considered the cradle of joke (self-promotion: “Small town with wit”). Calau gained notoriety in 1848 through the Berlin satirical magazine “Kladderadatsch”, in which an author published the often crude puns by Calauer Schuster that he had picked up there.

The best way to visit is to choose one of those two days of the year on which the Calauers take their puns to the extreme: That is Maundy Thursday and a day around St. Nicholas, this year December 3rd.

On these days, the “Kalauer instead of Knöllchen” campaign is running in the city, which means that, as an exception, no money is paid for parking violations; instead, the municipality delights parking offenders with specially printed jokes. Jörg Suchomel is responsible for the distribution.

Calau in Brandenburg: On the two Kalau days there are scent tree jokes instead of tickets for parking offenders

On the two joke days there are scent tree jokes instead of tickets for parking offenders

Source: Margit Kohl

As a politeur – the beautiful title of the field service employee of the public order office – he usually jams parking tickets under the windshield wipers of wrongly parked cars in the city center. Only not on the two days of joke, when instead of 15 euro tickets he distributed windshield wiper puns signed by the mayor.

Suchomel explains the funny legal basis as follows: “According to the Administrative Offenses Act, the city can, according to the opportunity principle for minor administrative offenses, make use of the right to forego prosecution for park violations.”

Why does the mayor of Calau go to work barefoot?

For example with historical jokes like this: “We can trace our family tree back to Charlemagne, how old is your family? No idea, the documents were lost in the flood. ”

In another joke, officials are targeted: “Why does the mayor of Calau go to work barefoot? So that you can’t blame him for anything. ”

There are said to be people who would rather pay a 15 euro fine instead of listening to thigh knockers. But most of them go down well with the campaign. There are even regular collectors who sometimes take long journeys to drive to Calau on Kalauertag to deliberately park the wrong way, says politeur Suchomel.

Brandenburg: Calau - city of jokes

On the Witzerundweg in Calau, small bronze figures by the sculptor Werner Bruning can be seen, depicting shoemaker boys and telling the history of the place

Source: pa / ZB / Britta Pedersen

If the slogan on the windshield wiper is not enough for you, or if you come outside of the Kalau days, you will find additional opportunities for recreation on the Calau Witzerundweg, which includes 25 stations.

By the way, mayor Werner Suchner is not walking barefoot, contrary to the puny promise. He thinks the urban humor campaign is a success, especially in the time of the Corona crisis, there is not much to laugh about, people are happy about any distraction.

To underline this, the city has come up with printed scent trees for the car as a bonus to the joke, which this year include the following slogan: “What do you call particularly polite drivers? Ghost driver! They are always so accommodating. ”As I said, you have to like it.

“What is white and is rolling up the mountain?”

The first joke machine in North Rhine-Westphalia promises “jokes to go”. Anyone can buy a small two-liner for 20 cents. And these seem to be well received, and their owner has to provide regular supplies.

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