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Breakfast outside, do not eat vegetables and ask for sweet desserts: the habits of people with obesity | Society


People with obesity are the ones who eat the most breakfast outside the home and the ones who eat the least dinner on the street; those who ask for less vegetables as a main course or accompaniment and those who usually opt for a sweet dessert instead of fruit. These are some conclusions of the latest survey on lifestyle habits carried out by the Spanish Obesity Society (SEEDO-SEO), which was presented this Tuesday in Madrid.

The survey reveals that 77% of the Spanish population makes one of the three usual meals away from home daily. The most frequent is breakfast or a mid-morning meal. “Until now, the importance of eating out had not been given much value, we had no data in this regard, but we realize that it has a very important impact,” Francisco Tinahones, president of the SEEDO, told this newspaper.

Among the main variables that are related to obesity are: age (the older the higher the risk); breakfast in the street (which increases the risk by 17.8% compared to doing it at home); have a relative or friend who is overweight (increases the risk of obesity by 13% and 12.3% respectively); Do not take vegetables or salad as a main course when eating out (increases the risk by 43% compared to ordering as the main course) and have a sweet dessert (40% of people with obesity, compared to 22% of those normal weight).

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The Society believes that with this data on the table it is time to take action. “When we talked to hoteliers, they always told us that meals outside were the time when people asked for what they wanted because they were exceptional cases, but we found that no, that is the norm,” reflects Tinahones. At the Madrid Fusión gastronomic fair, which is being held these days, SEEDO will present a decalogue for restaurants, which includes offering free water, always including fresh fruits (40% of people with obesity complain about their shortage in menus) and add more vegetable-based recipes in the menus.

Tinahones is set in cities like New York, which have already put in place measures such as free water, or others, such as including the calories of each dish in the cards. “If I see that between first, second and dessert I am eating 2,000 calories, I do not need anything else. And the problem is that, while at home we usually ration more the amount, in restaurants we eat everything they put us”, he has affirmed

The survey data, in which they have interviewed 1,200 people from all over Spain, confirm that there is still low self-perception: 54.6% of overweight people surveyed think they are average and 7.3% believe that She is thin, without big differences between men and women. “It is time to take measures to ensure that the self-perception of people who are overweight or obese coincides with their real weight since only then can we begin to tackle the problem,” said Susana Monereo, secretary of the SEEDO.



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