Brexit: border controls postponed

The British government is further delaying their implementation until mid-2022 so as not to exacerbate the shortages.

Reclaiming border control was one of the brexiters’ mantras. Five years after the referendum, its implementation drags on. And for the third time, the implementation of controls is delayed by London. Faced with supply difficulties and multiple announcements of shortages, Boris Johnson wants to avoid even more chaotic scenes at Christmas time.

If a few days ago the British government unilaterally postponed the moratorium on controls in Northern Ireland of products from England, in flagrant violation of the protocol on Northern Ireland contained in the withdrawal agreement from the Union, now it is opting for the extension of border flexibility for products from the European Union.

The new timetable established by Downing Street pushes back effective control of customs borders to mid-2022. The obligation of prior notification of agri-food imports to the United Kingdom, which was to

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