Bridgerton: the story behind Netflix’s most successful series

The anticipated – and millionaire – bet of the producer of Shonda Rhimes for Netflix, was the series based on the novels of Julia Quinn.

Bridgerton is set in London at the beginning of the 19th century, and tells the story of a family of high society, made up of a widowed mother and her eight children.

In this context, we can see how the society of the Regency Period (between 1811 and 1820) was configured, in the middle of the luxurious ballrooms of the aristocratic palaces.

A scene marked by the struggle between the spheres of power, betrayal, sex, malice and arranged marriages. It is an approach to the lives of the wealthiest families, those who cared about taking care of appearances and finding a good husband for their daughters.

The need to protect the reputation of families is further exacerbated by the arrival of a certain Lady Whistledown, a woman who dedicates herself to writing bold chronicles about the life of high society, and of whom little is known.

The drama shows the sudden romance between Daphne Bridgerton – played by Phoebe Dynevor – one of the daughters of the wealthy lineage, with Duke Simon Hastings – personified by Regé-Jean Page-. The leading couple of the series is forced to face various obstacles that prevent them from establishing their relationship.

Likewise, Julie Andrews is another of the movie stars participating in the filming. The actress embodies the mysterious, sharp, and sour gossip writer, and she doesn’t mince words to address a rather conservative audience in the middle of 1813.

In The New York Times, they highlight the adaptation of the novel by including characters of color in a world dominated by the white elite: “The most interesting exit is the racial integration of the nobility, explained in the middle of the eight-episode season as a accident of history and love ”, they argued.

On this point, the same author of the original novel, Julia Quinn, assured to agree with the modification: “Even before seeing the casting, I knew it was going to be inclusive in some way (…) I love that they added the character of Queen Charlotte, whom I love for a thousand reasons, “he said in an interview for People magazine.

“Many historians believe that Queen Charlotte, who was a historical figure (wife of King George III), had significant African descent. People have debated it for years. The idea was ‘What if this was recognized and accepted at the time? What if she had used her position to promote people of color to positions of power? What would society be like then?’ So The Bridgertons is a reimagining of that world and it’s a wonderful world in this sense. You see it and you are like: This is how society should be ”, added the author.

In turn, Variety stressed that daring scenes are included even when society at the time was very conservative: “Not all stories need sex to be romantic, but Bridgerton demonstrates a keen and refreshing understanding of all the ways sex can complicate and enrich love, especially when her characters don’t. “

After its success, Netflix has already confirmed that there will be a second season of Bridgerton, which will be filmed during this 2021. Rumors speculate that it will focus on Anthony (Jonathan Bailey), Daphne’s brother, and his quest to find love.

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