Briefing: The country has adopted a strategy of diversifying vaccines to cover the largest possible proportion of the population

Dr. Taher Al-Amiri, the official spokesman for the National Authority for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management, confirmed that the momentum and active movement witnessed by the country is the result of effective strategies and unremitting efforts it made in terms of confronting the pandemic and creating conditions to overcome its repercussions. For everyone, noting that the UAE has proven, through its management of the “Covid-19” crisis, that it is an inspiring model for countries in the world in proactiveness and readiness. Al Ameri said during a briefing to the UAE government on the developments of the new Corona virus “Covid-19” that the state has adopted a set of preventive measures to prevent the spread of the disease by establishing and rehabilitating hospitals and health care homes and conducting the necessary medical examinations for the largest number of the population.
He pointed out that health authorities continue their exceptional efforts in the national campaign for vaccination against “Covid-19”, early detection of cases and rapid intervention to prevent complications, in addition to efforts to investigate contacts and take all preventive measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

He stressed that the national vaccination campaign in the UAE continues to achieve its goals, explaining that 84.66 percent of the total eligible group, namely people over 16 years of age, have been vaccinated, and 95.27 percent of the elderly group aged 60 years and over have been vaccinated. Priority as being more vulnerable to the disease and its complications. Dr. Taher Al-Amiri said that it is our belief in the importance of vaccines and their effective role in controlling the disease and reducing its effects. The state has adopted the strategy of diversifying vaccines in order to cover the largest possible proportion of the population, as it came to reflect the success of the state’s health strategy during the “Covid-19” pandemic, stressing the leadership of the national vaccination campaign and its issuance on the Global level by providing the best vaccination options for all groups of society. He stressed that the establishment of hospitals and the provision of the latest medical equipment and cadres are at the heart of the UAE’s decades-old strategy to take care of the health sector, which explains its exceptional ability to confront the largest health crisis the world has witnessed and its capabilities to provide assistance to other countries, noting that specialized hospitals contribute significantly to saving lives and maintaining health and safety. Members of the Society.
Dr. Taher Al-Amiri revealed that the number of specialized hospitals during the pandemic amounted to 10 hospitals, which include a large number of qualified medical cadres, exceeding 1,500 specialists to deal with this type of injury to ensure their effectiveness and role in the expected manner.
He explained that what distinguishes specialized hospitals is the complementarity that they enjoy, and their capacity is estimated at about 3800 beds, in addition to the services and systems that support them, such as laboratories, radiology and pharmacy, which facilitates the treatment journey.

Al-Amiri stressed that the specialized hospitals reflect the work of an integrated national system and provide world-class medical services that have won the admiration of many international organizations, and at the same time provide integrated treatment services for “Covid-19” patients. Medical and technical specialists who are efficient and ready.
He noted that the standards of medical care followed in specialized hospitals are completely identical to the international standards followed in the main health facilities in the UAE. He said: “We reaffirm that attendance at events, exhibitions, activities and events will be limited to vaccine recipients and participants in clinical trials of the vaccine only, taking into account the obligation to present a negative PCR examination result within a maximum period of 48 hours before the date of the occasion, with the need to observe the procedures All precautionary measures such as wearing a mask and social distancing. Dr. Taher Al-Amiri called on the honorable public to adhere to and adhere to precautionary and preventive measures such as wearing a mask, physical distancing, sterilization and avoiding gatherings, and said that vaccination does not prevent infection with “Covid-19”, but rather alleviates the symptoms and complications of infection.
He added that everyone’s solidarity is the fastest way to victory.. and preparations and mutual concern among members of society are the most important factors for achieving recovery. With the cooperation of everyone, we will reach the target rates quickly and move on to the path of full recovery, God willing.


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