British Minister of Health embroiled in scandal for failing to respect social distancing measures

Fighting action in the United Kingdom. As the country faces the explosion of the Delta variant, Health Minister Matt Hancock finds himself in the midst of a scandal.

The Sun tabloid published a resounding scoop about the Tory. In the newspaper this Friday, a blurry but unambiguous photo, where we see Matt Hancock kissing a woman who is not his wife. It is a collaborator, Gina Coladangelo. The image, captured on May 6, comes from a surveillance camera. The 42-year-old minister is married and has three children, like his collaborator.

But if the image is talking so much, it is because on May 6 the British were still not allowed to have close contact with people who were not part of their bubble or home. The recommendation was not lifted until May 17. The Minister of Health is criticized for not having complied with the social distancing rules then in force, which he kept recalling in the course of his duties.

Following this revelation, the minister apologized. “I admit having violated the social distancing instructions”, he said in a statement. “I disappointed people and I’m so sorry”, he added, asking “respect for his private life on this personal subject”.

The minister pushed towards the exit

If Boris Johnson has accepted his apology and considers that “the case is closed”, he said through a spokesman for Downing Street, this is not the case for everyone . Many voices are raised to demand his resignation across the country.

Anneliese Dodds, the chairwoman of the opposition Labor Party, called her position “untenable”. “He admitted he broke the rules, he has to leave,” she tweeted.

An opinion shared by the Liberal Democrats. Munira Wilson, the party’s health spokesperson, said Matt Hancock’s behavior was “hypocrisy” and is also calling for his resignation.

Conservative MPs have indicated that they have received angry messages from voters. “There will be anger because he broke his own rules,” a former minister told The Guardian.

The families of the Covid-19 victims have also written to the Prime Minister, urging him to sack Matt Hancock. One of them, Hannah Brady, whose father died in May 2020, wrote: “Allowing Matt Hancock to continue as secretary of health deepens the grief of bereaved families who sacrificed so much then that he was breaking the rules. This is not only an insult to bereaved families and anyone who obeyed the rules, but it undermines public confidence in the measures, “read The Guardian.

A poll by YouGov found that 49% of those polled believed Hancock should step down, up from 36% in May. An opinion shared by the media, The Guardian, which signs an editorial “Matt Hancock: he has to go “. “If the Health Secretary does not play by the rules, it becomes much more difficult for the government to require the British to follow strict rules. Failure to sack him will make it a laughing stock for the government over its strategy to fight it. the Covid, “the newspaper writes.

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