British Olympians were convicted of using “military doping” :: Society :: RBC

British Olympic athletes before the London 2012 Olympics took part in a secret study of an experimental substance in order to improve their performance in competitions. About it informs Daily Mail.

In the experiment with a new dope, which was developed for the military, 91 athletes from eight sports took part. At the same time, the UK state sports agency UK Sport relieved itself of responsibility, since at that time it was not known whether the new substance would violate anti-doping legislation and whether it would cause side effects.

We are talking about the energy drink DeltaG, which contained synthetic ketones – analogues of the natural acid produced by the liver and increasing stamina.

The drug was developed by scientists at Oxford University with the co-financing of the US Department of Defense. Initially, it was intended to reduce fatigue and increase the autonomy of American special forces. The tabloid claims that the UK DeltaG research project cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The Kremlin expressed concern about the threat of new sanctions due to doping


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