British scholars: the United States fabricated lies to politicize the origin of the new crown epidemic and the

British scholars: the United States fabricated lies to politicize the origin of the new crown epidemic and the WHO

  Overseas Network, July 24thBritish writer, political and international relations analyst Tom Fody published an article entitled “If the World Wants the World Health Organization to function normally, the United States must stop letting it act as a scapegoat” on the “Russia Today” news network on the 23rd, revealing that the United States has fabricated it. The laboratory leaked lies and conspiracy theories on tracing the origin of the new crown epidemic, and constantly politicized the problem of tracing the origin of the new crown, imposing guilt on China.

The article stated that one and a half years ago, when the new crown pneumonia epidemic broke out all over the world, the United States began to make up stories that the WHO has been “conquered” by Chinese influence and cannot continue to perform its functions. The previous US government even used this as an excuse to announce its withdrawal from the World Health Organization. Although the current U.S. government has revoked this decision, it still continues the predecessor’s conspiracy theories for leaking lies in the laboratory and conspiracy to trace the origin of the new crown.

At the same time, the United States is trying to “politicize” both the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the WHO. It is under continuous pressure from the United States that the Secretariat of the World Health Organization recently proposed the second phase of the new crown traceability work plan. The article pointed out that Washington not only used coalition politics to influence the WHO’s investigation process, but also put pressure on the WHO on various occasions to require the latter to reform.

The article analyzes that the so-called tracing of the new crown in the United States is not based on logical scientific facts at all, but based on lies. The purpose is to maximize the blame on China. Foday also pointed out in an article on April 1 that the WHO believes that the introduction of the new coronavirus into humans via an intermediate host is “more likely” to “very possible”, but the United States refuses to acknowledge this conclusion. In fact, unless China is declared “guilty,” no conclusion will be sufficient to satisfy Washington. “The U.S. is skeptical for the sake of suspicion, rather than drawing scientific conclusions based on facts. There will be no’independent investigations’. All they care about is throwing out various claims, accusing, discrediting, and insinuating.”

Foday believes that China will continue to adhere to scientific methods to guide research in the face of conspiracy theories about the origin of the new crown. This is correct. China has also received support from at least 55 countries. Russia, Belarus, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and other countries have sent letters to the WHO opposing the politicization of the origin of the new crown. They emphasized that virus traceability is a scientific task and cannot be politicized. (Overseas Net Zhang Qi)


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