broken, in mourning, the host mourns the disappearance of a loved one!

Faustine Bollaert is a sensitive woman. Also, when she evokes the memory of Faby, she cannot hold back her tears. We tell you everything!

Faustine Bollaert is in a bad mood!

Full of empathy, she lights up the screen

When Faustine Bollaert leaves M6 for France Télévisions, she goes from laughter to tears. Indeed, by taking the reins of It starts today, you have to be ready to hear everything. On the set, the confidences of the guests follow one another and do not come together. Accident victims, loss of loved ones in horrible conditions, the testimonies of the guests invite us to reflect and see life differently. In any case, all the conditions are met so that they are not forgotten and that they can share their grief a little.

This week, Faustine Bollaert even received a survivor. Victim of a plane crash, Bahia Bakari will never forget the day when she narrowly escaped death. When she recounts the event and its consequences on her daily life, everyone is surprised at her resilience. Ten years after the tragedy, she is alongside the victims and their families. A beautiful reconversion which arouses the admiration of all and which deserved a forum. Well done Madam! You can be proud of having been through the worst and becoming a role model!

A well-deserved tribute

However, the host does not forget anyone. Also, when she hears this news, she will not be able to help but share it with her viewers. This week, Faustine Bollaert pays a vibrant tribute to Faby. Unable to start the show without evoking his memory, here is that Maxime Chattam’s wife will remember her coming to the show. These few words will suffice to mark the memory of all those who were in front of their posts.

She was one of our brave guests who passed away last night after battling cancer to the end. We will not forget his smile, his joie de vivre, his songs. We think very much of her and her family. Thank you for everything Faby and for all these shared moments ”ASo, when we discover her photo, we remember how courageous she was in the face of the damage caused by the disease. If the latter won the battle, however, no one behind the scenes or behind the screen will forget. And it’s not Faustine Bollaert who will say the opposite.

As for the fans of the show, they also have a fond thought for the missing. The least we can say is the world of television is not as cold as it seems. It creates unique bonds between the audience and a participant. Rest in peace, Faby!

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