Bruni Heinke reveals: “I had to leave GTST after a fight”

Heinke was in the series between 1992 and 1997. Her character Helen suddenly disappeared to Canada. The actress states that this was because it did not clash between her and producer Johan Nijenhuis. “It was a nasty ending. I rarely watch it GTST. I did see that my foster daughter, who is played by Babette van Veen, is back. The strange thing is: she is never asked about her foster mother. In fact, I’m just being silenced. “

At the same time, after almost a quarter of a century, the actress is still recognized on the street because of her role in the series. “You will get a stamp GTST. Recently a man in a store near me said: “I have something to tell you”. He was of Moroccan descent and said: “We always had to go GTST to learn Dutch. “

Heinke will be 80 this year, she says. But she looks too young for ‘old roles’. “I look too young,” she sighs. “Last year I was called by Maastricht. When I received the script, I read that I had to play a completely deaf old lady of around 80, who drives through Maastricht at 12 kilometers per hour. I called back and said: ‘Do you know me? I don’t believe I am your type. “

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