Brussels negotiates with the pharmaceutical industry to prevent Europe from being left without remdesivir (Júlia Manresa Nogueras)

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The European Commission is in talks with pharmaceutical company Gilead to ensure that Europe has access to the necessary doses of remdesivir, a drug that may be useful against coronavirus and is currently almost entirely in American hands. A spokesman for the community executive explained on Thursday that Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides is negotiating with the pharmaceutical company (as well as other companies) to try to secure access. In addition, also for fear of running out of this antiviral, Brussels has explained that it is accelerating the process of market authorization in Europe of this drug.

It should be remembered that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) already gave the green light a week ago to the marketing and use of this drug against coronavirus in Europe, but the European Commission has the last word before each Member States take the appropriate steps at national level and also negotiate with pharmaceutical companies to obtain their doses.

The geopolitical race for the vaccine

Health protection is a key priority for the Commission, so we are speeding up the process to secure authorization in the remdesivir market, which we hope will be ready by the end of the week,” said a spokesman for the executive. community. At the same time, the same spokesman admitted that they had not received any notice or communication from the United States to report that they had bought almost all world reserves for the next three months of rthe European Commission has found out about it through the press.

In this sense, Brussels has recalled that in this context “it is important to collaborate” at the international level to ensure that everyone has access to treatment or vaccine and that is precisely why international acts of solidarity are being carried out. But as Donald Trump’s executive has already shown several times that he is going for free and that is why Brussels has proposed centralizing the management and purchase of future vaccines or treatments so as not to be isolated in a global and geopolitical race in which tensions between the United States and China are growing.



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