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BTS concert ‘Permission to Dance on Stage’ opens

The group BTS has resumed offline, face-to-face performances, which had not been held due to COVID-19, after two years. On the 27th (local time) at 7:30 pm (local time), BTS’ first face-to-face concert ‘Permission to Dance on stage’ was held at Sofai Stadium in Los Angeles, USA. The concert that started on this day will continue on the 28th and the 3rd and 4th of next month.

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<28일 BTS 공식 트위터 계정에는 “아미들의 목소리가 가득한 공연장…? 이거 꿈 아니죠?”라는 글이 올라왔다. 게시물에는 7명의 멤버가 대기실에 모여 있는 사진과 콘서트 내부 모습 등이 담겼다. BTS 공식 트위터 제공>

By Park Ji-ho, staff reporter [email protected]


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