Build your own space agency and be the first to land on the red planet in Mars Horizon – available now

The Irregular Corporation ( PC Building Simulator, Murder By Numbers ) und Auroch Digital (Megaquarium) are excited about the launch of their much anticipated space agency simulation Mars Horizon to announce. The game is now available for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch available. To celebrate the launch week, there is a discount of 10% on the price of € 17.99 on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, as well as for Playstation Plus members on the PlayStation 4.

In Mars Horizon, players take control of their own space agency and expand it from the beginning of the space age to landing on the surface of Mars. You will need to manage the research resources, public support and of course money well as you work to successfully complete your missions and get your astronauts safely into space. You also have to compete with other agencies who are pursuing the same goals – do you decide to work with them or do you fly solo?

During the missions, exciting, turn-based gameplay decides success and failure, every decision counts! Do you use energy to correct the malfunction of an antenna or do you save the energy to be able to use it in the event of an oxygen leak? Maybe this situation could have been prevented if you had spent another 3 months planning? Which technology should be researched? Which rocket should be built? Should you tackle the moon first, or prepare for Mars right away?

Mars Horizon was developed in cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA), employees, including team members of the ExoMars program, advised the development team on the planning and implementation of a Mars expedition. ESA’s global contribution to advancing space exploration for all of humanity is anchored in the game’s passion and mission.

The Mars Horizon soundtrack, which includes exclusive bonus material and rearranged pieces, is also on Steam available. The soundtrack can also be purchased as part of the Mars Horizon Orbital Edition, which combines the game and soundtrack with a 15% discount.

Flies to Twitter @AurochDigital and @IrregularCorp to follow. In addition, the official website Further information. Under https: you can find out more about ESA and here too, Twitter is highly recommended @THAT. ESA does not receive any financial compensation for this game and the sales.

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