Building on fire in Arlon: residents being evacuated (Arlon)

An apartment building in Arlon is on fire. The firefighters proceed to the evacuation of the inhabitants.

On Thursday, in the middle of the afternoon, a fire broke out in the Tivoli apartment building, located at rue du Verger, a street perpendicular to rue des Deportés, in Arlon. Very quickly the emergency services and the police arrived on the scene. The operations are headed by Commander Stéphane Thiry and by Commissioner Waonry.

Burgomaster Vincent Magnus is also on site.

A TEC bus was requisitioned. The inhabitants are evacuated in the bus, to keep them warm. People have been poisoned by the smoke. Ambulances transported them to the Arlon clinic for medical checks.

Firefighters evacuate people trapped on the floors. According to the first elements, the fire started on the 1st floor.

The fire is under control.

At this point (around 4:40 p.m.), the emergency services were unaware of any injuries or victims.

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