Businessman who bought 100 tons of potatoes from farmers in crisis, began to distribute it to needy homes in Barranquilla

Christian Daes, businessman from Barranquilla.

Barranquilla News.

Ten pounds of food accompanied by a liter of oil for each family.

The renowned businessman from Barranquilla Christian Daes, in the company of his collaborators from the Tecnoglass company, began the distribution of the 100 tons of potatoes bought from Boyacá farmers who are going through a severe crisis due to the fall in the sale price of the tuber.

Packed in bags containing 10 pounds of the tuber and a one-liter bottle of oil, volunteers from the company that makes glass and windows with the highest technology, approached needy households in the Siape and Las Flores neighborhoods to make the donations.

It is worth noting that the shipment of the 100,000 kilos of the tuber arrived in a tractor-trailer at the company’s headquarters located near the monument ‘La Ventana al Mundo’.

There, Daes himself along with his collaborators got on the truck to lower the heavy packages and start the delivery logistics.

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The people who benefited from this charity work in times of the pandemic thanked the businessman for his enormous gesture and for the help provided.

“Christian is a good dad,” said a lady who received the donation.

“Together we get out of this”were some of the words that the Tecnoglass CEO was heard saying in the video.

It should be remembered that potato farmers are facing a crisis due to the fall in demand for the product, which had an impact on sales prices.

The closure of hotels, schools, restaurants and others justifies the fall in demand for the tuber. This meant that the peasants had to offer their product at a price almost below the 50% that they were used to selling.

Today, a bundle of potato is sold by a grower for 15 or a maximum of 20 thousand pesos, when before the normal price of a 50-kilo sack was between 50 thousand and 60 thousand pesos.

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